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    Vent Care Inc - West Palm Beach, FL Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Vent Care Inc is a locally owned & operated dryer vent cleaning company that has been proudly serving West Palm Beach, FL and surrounding communities for over 24 years!

    Vent Care Inc can clean your dryer vent in no time. We never fail to provide a highly skilled, courteous, and professional service to our West Palm Beach, FL customers.

    We are building a solid reputation in delivering high-quality cleaning and maintenance services, which is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers in a professional manner.

    Why you should clean dryer vents:

    At Vent Care Inc we know that cleaning dryer vents protects your home and its contents from fires, smoke, and other pollutants.

    Cleaning Dryer vents significantly reduce energy costs, dryers run much more efficiently and will last longer, and clothing dries faster.

    In most cases dryer vents should be cleaned once a year by a professional to reduce operating costs, improve drying times and prevent house fires.

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  • How to keep your
    dryer clean:

    • Clean the lint screen/filter before or after drying each load of clothes
    • Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct periodically
    • Clean behind the dryer, where lint can build up.
    • Replace plastic or foil, accordion-type ducting material with rigid or semi-rigid metal ducting.
    • Avoid installing a screen at the end of the dryer vent exhaust.
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